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Exclusive Report: A Former Hairdresser From Earns $8600 A Month Without Leaving Her Home

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Ingrid Kamper is earning $8600 a month while staying at home.

Hi, my name is Ingrid and previously I used to work as a hairdresser for $200 a month. Things changed when I decided to play on free $10,000 on a demo account – just out of curiosity – and filled in a simple form. Now I earn 10 times more than my husband. And I do it using only my laptop! For sure you know what it feels like to come back after work, only to see unwashed dish, an empty fridge and a mess everywhere. I was eager to become a perfect wife. I made our home cozy and cooked home meals. However, at a certain point I felt that I was deadly tired of such a life. And then I thought: how we were going to support our kids? Would we ever be able to achieve financial stability? How can we talk about stability if we aren’t able to save even a cent? I was starting to think about having a baby but I couldn’t bring myself to tell my husband about it. I knew that it would be way more difficult for him to earn a decent living for us all.


I earned less than my clients spent on their handbags. I couldn’t afford buying fashionable clothes and I dreaded becoming unattractive for my husband. My loyal clients noticed this change and kept asking whether I was OK. I looked even more tired and got dark circles under my eyes. No wonder! We hadn’t gone on vacation for 4 years! And this just kept going until I found a solution to all my problems.


Totally desperate, I went on Facebook and decided to know how my old acquaintances lived. An old friend of mine told me that she didn’t go to work at all and that nobody supported her. I couldn’t believe my ears. Then it turned out that she was earning money in the Internet while staying at home. Later I learned that her income was several thousand dollars. It was this friend who helped me discover OlympTrade. That is, she just sent to me a link and I’m hugely grateful for that!


At first I was afraid to earn money in the Internet. It’s a normal reaction since we always dread anything new. However, it turned out that basic computer skills were enough to raise big money. You need no programming at all! To be honest, I didn’t play on real money at first and decided to try a free demo account instead. It was $10,000 that I got immediately after I logged in. I studied all training materials and started playing. After the first day I had $20,000 on my account and after a week the balance was $140,000 already! Only after that I brought myself to play on real money and after the first month my income was only $700. However, when I got more experienced, my monthly income exceeded $8,000.

It was a total joy! In just 6 months we managed to pay back our loan which was intended to be settled in 4 years’ time. Now my husband treats me with more respect and doesn’t think me to be a burden anymore. For the first time in my life I feel a real woman – successful, self-sufficient, and beautiful. Now I go to beauty parlors as a client and not as a worker. It turned out that 12 per cent of people in Europe are already using this way of earning money, even women on maternity leave.

I finally have means for travelling. Every 2 months I go to a new country – last time it was France. Just imagine how beautiful it is to sit in a cozy café in Paris with a cup of espresso and continue earning money. I suggest that you should try it as well since you aren’t going to lose anything! Just play on free $10,000 from your demo account, and if you succeed, you will be able to play on real money. If not, then you won’t have to pay anything because demo accounts are just like real ones – if you didn’t earn on a demo account, you won’t earn on a real one!

What should you do now?

  • First of all, sing up on OlympTrade
  • Register an account
  • Now, when you have an account you should need an EASY strategy to start trading profitable. This strategy is soo easy, everyone can understand and can follow it!
    1. First we need to choose pairs, we trade whit EUR/USD.
    2. Our first bet is 1$. If we win, then we open new trade and we bet again 1$.
    3. Now let's open our first trade. We have to choose CALL or PUT (up or down). First time it does not make difference which one we choose. Just choose one.
    4. For example, we choose PUT. First time it does not make difference which one we choose. Strategy works anyway 100%.
    5. We lost the trade. We have to raise our bet to 3$ and now we choose CALL, because last trade was PUT.
    6. We lost the trade again. Now we raise our bet to 8$, because we want to earn back our last losses. We choose PUT, because last trade was CALL.
    7. OK, now we won, let's star over, our bet is 1$ and we choose CALL, because last trade was PUT. I name this strategy UP & DOWN strategy.
  • I advise you to practice on DEMO free account to find out whether you're good at it or not. The most important thing is to give it a try! Click here to sign up on OlympTrade


  1. You always change directions, does not matter are you winning or losing your trade. Always PUT, CALL, PUT, CALL, PUT, CALL.
  2. You first bet is always 1$. Now when you lose trade, you have to raise your bet to 3$. If you lose again, you raise bet to 8$. Now if you lose again, you raise final time and bet 18$. (it usually happens 1 time in a month, when you have to bet 18$).
  3. Now, when you win, you go back our first bet 1$ and start over again.

Finally, let me brag a little bit.. That's what I've earned trading over the weekend. Good luck!

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    • Mary White

      So, let me tell you guys... I've read all the comments and was thinking about trying myself, finally I gave it a try and my first shot was unsuccessful.. I was kind of shocked, thinking it's another scam, but decided to try again. I'm not a risky person, so investing just 10$ I got 100$ back :) I've tried one more time the next day and got lucky again, so it's all good just give it a few tries!

    • Marie Bernard

      The timing of this couldn't be better, my husband and I are struggling and this could be our answer.

    • Lucy Leroy

      Got the first payout today, gonna celebrate soon :)

    • Cloe Jones

      Interesting way of earning cash, will give it a try myself

    • Eva Williams

      I respect this kind of people. Good luck with your future endeavors.

    • Louis Reem

      Even if you are constantly using trend following system, you're going to have a few losing orders and that's alright. The truth is, you can't always win, even the best traders in the world are losing from time to time! Trend following method will allow you to make more winning orders, rather then loosing ones, which in the end will result in positive profits. You can have a few bad hours or even days and sometimes you will lose some money, that's why you have to follow one of the basic investment rules: every new position must be less or equal to 2% of your total capital. If you're deposit is 50$ then your bet must be 1$ respectively. The most difficult part of trading is not forecasting, it's self-control, so don't run for the market and keep it safe.

    • Isiah Thomas

      I also trade options from time to time and can say that one can make pretty good profits

    • Arthur Morel

      I'd like to tell you guys that $2 000 daily is not the limit. I've got only 6 month of experience in trading and my monthly profits are more than $ 60 000.

    • Amelie Johnson

      Ah yes I heard of these guys before. they’re legit and it’s easy to win pokies if you play the smaller jackpots. I remember winning like $300 with the free credits they gave me

    • Elaine Robin

      Ah yes I also heard of these guys before.

    • Matilda Patsin

      Seriously? This is an incredible deal but OlympTrade is stupid for doing this giveaway.

    • Addie Mulrose

      My brother saw this on news last week and cashed out on $328. These guys are the real deal.

    • Francis McMann this guy is going to be on the street with a new BMW 3 series or something. Hide your daughters everyone!!